Things We Said Today 142 - The Beatles at Shea Stadium with author Dave Schwensen

> July 25th, 2015 ---
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Dave Schwensen, author of "The Beatles at Shea Stadium" and "The Beatles in Cleveland," talks with Allan Kozinn, Ken Michaels,, Al Sussman and Steve Marinucci about the 1965 concert that is celebrating its 50th anniversary and reveals some little known facts about it he's uncovered. Send comments about the show by writing


Things We Said Today #141 — Ringo’s 75th birthday, Paul’s Esquire interview and more

> July 18th, 2015 ---
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Ken, Al, Allan and Steve discuss Ringo's recent 75th birthday event and Paul McCartney's cover interview in Esquire where he talked about several topics, including how people have looked at John Lennon since his death. 

Things We Said Today #140 - Andrew Grant Jackson and why 1965 was music’s best year

> July 11th, 2015 ---
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Author Andrew Grant Jackson talks with Al Sussman, Ken Michaels and Steve Marinucci about why 1965 was such a landmark year for rock 'n' roll and the Beatles.


Things We Said Today #139 - Rick Glover on stage with Paul McCartney

> July 4th, 2015 ---
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Rick "Fans on the Run" Glover talks about what it's like being on stage with Paul McCartney, as he was in Columbia, South Carolina on June 25. You can read more about it on Beatles Examiner. We really want to hear from you! Send your comments on the show to  (Photo by Jennie Swenton.)


Things We Said Today #138 - Best Paul and George albums

> June 20th, 2015 ---
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Allan Kozinn, Al Sussman, Steve Marinucci and Ken Michaels, plus regular guest Darren DeVivo give their rundown for the best solo albums by Paul McCartney and George Harrison. 


Things We Said Today #137 - Favorite John-Ringo albums, Dennis Ferrante tribute

> June 13th, 2015 ---
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Ken, Allan, Al, Steve and regular guest Darren DeVivo give their favorite John and Ringo solo albums, plus we do a tribute to Lennon engineer Dennis Ferrante. 


Things We Said Today #136 - We just can’t “Let It Be” …

> June 5th, 2015 ---
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For the 45th anniversary of the release of "Let It Be," Al Sussman, Steve Marinucci, Ken Michaels and Allan Kozinn discuss the album, the movie, the legacy of the movie and the album, and how the film should be released on DVD.


Things We Said Today #135 - Laurence Juber!!!

> May 30th, 2015 ---
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In a very special interview, Al Sussman, Ken Michaels, Allan Kozinn and Steve Marinucci talk to former Paul McCartney and Wings guitarist Laurence Juber about his latest album, "Fingerboard Road." Laurence also gives some insight into his guitar techniques. 


Things We Said Today #134 - The Beatles at the Star Club

> May 23rd, 2015 ---
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Steve Marinucci, Ken Michaels and Allan Kozinn (no Al Sussman this week) discuss the controversial Beatles' Star Club tapes, including the recently "Zu Laut" bootleg. 


Things We Said Today #133 - Analyzing McCartney’s “Tug of War”

> May 16th, 2015 ---
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Steve, Al, Allan and Ken plus regular contributor Tom Frangione take a hard look at the Paul McCartney album "Tug of War." Just how good is it?


Things We Said Today #132 - The Beatles’ Capitol Albums

> May 9th, 2015 ---
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Do the U.S. Capitol Beatles albums make any sense at all after all these years? Ken, Steve, Allan and Al give their opinions in this week's show. 


Things We Said Today #131 - Ringo Starr is finally in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

> May 2nd, 2015 ---
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Steve Marinucci, Al Sussman, Ken Michaels and Darren DeVivo discuss Ringo Starr's entry into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and what it all means.

Things We Said Today #130 - John Lennon’s “Mind Games”

> April 18th, 2015 ---
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Allan Kozinn, Steve Marinucci, Ken Michaels and Al Sussman plus Darren DeVivo review John Lennon's "Mind Games" album. 


Things We Said Today 129 - Postcards From Paradise

> April 11th, 2015 ---
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Allan Kozinn, Al Sussman, Steve Marinucci, Ken Michaels and Tom Frangione review Ringo Starr's new album "Postcards From Paradise." The show also includes clips of Ken's interview with Ringo and Steve's interview with Ringo recording engineer Bruce Sugar. 


Things We Said Today #128 - News roundup - Ringo and Paul interviews, Albert Maysles, Cynthia Lennon deaths

> April 4th, 2015 ---
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A rundown of recent Beatles news, including two new magazine interviews and the passings of two people whose lives helped shape Beatles history.