Great weekly discussion of the Beatles world by Beatles experts Allan Kozinn, Ken Michaels and Darren DeVivo. Send comments to


In the first of two shows, Al, Allan, Ken and Steve give their ideas on who they would like to see the Beatles work with. In this show, we discuss our choices for John Lennon, Ringo Starr and George Harrison. Got an idea of your own or a comment on our show? Send it to And you can always find this show on iTunes and YouTube. (On YouTube, search "Things We Said Today Beatles Radio") 

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This week, Steve, Ken, Al and Allan examine what's in the future for the Beatles -- how the Beatles will be regarded in years to come and what possible things can we expect to be done with their music? Want to join in the discussion? Send your comments to And don't forget you can also hear this show anytime on Podbean and iTunes. 

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This week, Al, Ken, Allan and Steve give their picks for their favorite Beatles covers, both on individual songs and albums. If you know the guys (and we do!), you won't be surprised that some of the choices are eclectic and, well, very interesting. And we promise they aren't Mrs. Miller. Want to join in the discussion? Send your favorite Beatles covers to You can also hear this show on Podbean and iTunes.
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This week, your "Things We Said Today" co-hosts Steve, Allan, Ken and Al compare Paul McCartney's two "back to the roots" albums: "Choba B CCCP (The Russian Album)" and "Run Devil Run." Which one is better? We'd love to hear your choice. Be sure to send your comments to 

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