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This week, Steve, Allan and Ken meet with Dan Amrich of Pallete-Swap Ninja, who, along with Jude Kelley and Katrin Auch created the incredibly hilarious album "Princess Leia's Stolen Death Star Plans" that spoofs "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" and "Star Wars." You can hear and see it on YouTube at and download at As always, be sure to let us know what you think about this episode or any other. You can send your comments directly to our email address, join our "Things We Said Today Beatles Fans" Facebook page, tweet us at @thingswesaidfab or catch us each on Facebook and give us your thoughts. And we thank you for listening. Don't forget, you can stream the show from our very own YouTube page. And we invite you to please write a review of our show on our iTunes page. Be sure to check our Podbean page and on iTunes regularly for our latest shows, which usually appear each week. And we're now available through the Tune In Radio app. Be sure to subscribe to one of our providers to get first word on when a new show is available. And thanks for your support. Our download numbers have been rising and it's because of you! So we thank you very much for supporting us. (Photo courtesy Palette-Swap Ninja.)


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